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Take a minute to think about all the mattresses you have slept on over the years. The family hand-me-downs. The college lump-fest. The motley futons. Isn't it time you experienced the kind of sleep you've always wanted to enjoy? Yet you think you can't afford a cool mattress that will last for years? Think about the Huskers Mattress® from Nebraska Mattress Company. It's your entrče into the world of Better Sleep. And you don't have to dig very deep into your pockets to get there. 

Put your money on a mattress that is made to last. 

The Huskers Mattress® offers you three things that are hard to find in a mattress these days. Durability. Comfort. Affordability. Let's take durability. A Huskers Mattress® features a tough as nails "Coil Support System" that used a 12.75 gauge steel coil, that's made to last. We're talking double tempered, heavy gauge coils that are durable enough to last for years. The system also offers greater edge support for a firmer seating edge. Best of all its 2-sided, meaning you can flip it over! That means twice the value! The foundation is built with strong wood. The set features a 25 year national warranty.

(Also available in a plain white fabric by special order- if you're not a Husker's fan :-) Unless you use sheets- and then it's not going to matter.

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The Huskers Mattress 2 ®

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