Many, Assorted Sheets, Bed Spreads, and Bed Protectors from majors US Brands (Martha Stewart, Charter Club, Tommy Hilfinger, and More), prices at 50% Off for this Sale!

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* sold With 8' Cool Gel Memory Foam, 25 year warranty. Other mattress options are available, including innersprings.

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Adjustable Bed With Remote Control,

Now Just $999.   (Was $1,899)

        w/8" Mattress Included!

Last One in Stock, Now just $1,299. 

for the adjustable bed

and the 12" Gel Memory Foam

Twin Mattress $89.

Full Sized Mattress $129

Queen Sized $149.

King Sized Mattress $249.

Box Springs from $69-$149 

 *Must be purchased as a set for a warranty

All Mattresses are made in Omaha & Council Bluffs. No Harsh Chemicals, or harmfull formaldehydes, or other forign materials!